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Genture Electronics Co.,Ltd. (former name: Jiangsu Genture Information Industry Co.,Ltd.) is a technology company aiming at developing industrial electronic devices, focus on traffic guidance and intelligent lighting products and systems for urban and inter-urban public and private infrastructure. Genture have proactively incorporated the low-carbon and energy-efficient concepts since her very beginning. The products have been certified by authoritative national laboratories and have achieved both the China Compulsory Certification and CE?UL?SAA?etc. Genture Electronics Co.,Ltd is also a member of the renowned Chinese environmental NGO: Society Entrepreneurs Ecology. In short, we are strengthening our eco-friendly business mode in order to make more contributions to the vigorous development of the green economy.

Genture Electronics Co.,Ltd. (former name: Jiangsu Genture Information Industry Co.,Ltd.) R&D and manufacturing base has about 10,000 square meters plant area for testing, assembly and installation with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certification. We have professional procurement team, high quality suppliers, and 3 specialized production lines for display products.

We value the safety and stability of the products. We have photoelectric performance laboratory, EMC laboratory, comprehensive laboratory and spraying laboratory, and we are equipped with more than 30 inspection equipment and devices. We also have 2 professional production lines for  lighting products, with the most strictly and the highest quality control system.

Technical Innovation:
Optical lens SMD  display + Divided Driver + Smart Dormant
Application: Effectively reduce optical pollution, Energy-saving ? 60%

Full-front charge display, obtained the First relative product testing report, qualified by the Testing Center of Ministry of Communications; We successfully developed the First full-color SMD charge display for the ETC lane.

The urban intelligent traffic guidance system covering the entire Qingdao city, is the Largest nationwide, and obtained “The IEEE ITS brilliant Application Award”.

We are the First to provide the dynamic traffic information in smart traffic solution, based on big data analysis, cooperating with A-map and Ali Cloud. A-map can provide us with accurate real-time big data while Ali Cloud can provide solid cloud calculation service.